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Univac Group India is the poineer in introducing glass hookahs and have introduced many innovative shisha models that are the market leaders all across the world. We are proud to be the OEM manufacturer of the hookahs marketed by Alfakher company. We accept orders on your own brand names and logos and are capable of manufacturing or devbeloping new designs / models as per your specifications.

Why Are We the Best Shisha ! Simply Because We Represent The Most Exclusive & Lavish Hookahs In The World ! Univac Group Design’s Stunning Modern Shisha Or Hookah Pipes

In the last few decades, the popularity of hookah, also known as shisha has really skyrocketed and now it is not just restricted to Indian or Middle Eastern cultures. Especially popular among the young and maybe the restless, shisha parties are quite the norm even in western countries. So its no surprise that Univac Group India is tapping into the growing shisha culture by designing stunning technologically engineered shishas (or pipes) that appeal to western aesthetics. Based in India, the company is carving quite a niche for itself with its pipes that are pivoted on tradition but extremely relevant in the modern party culture. The designer shishas with their sculpturistic presence will aim to provide a multi-sensory experience to its users and will also mesh brilliantly with contemporary interiors be it of a club or a modern house Noteworthy collections include the limited edition Collection, the Premium (Limited) Collection which is gold-plated and uses gems (nephrite, jade, onyx) and then gold plated 24-carret.
Univac Group India is an OEM manufacturer of genuine egyptian style shisha for some leading hookah tobacco companies and also export directly to all across the world.

We are manufacturing 3,000 hookahs every month and if need be can produce upto 7,000 hookah every month also.

All our premium grade hookahs passes through stringent quality check and last for whole life.
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