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Al-Cobra Super Strong  Hookah Tobacco  :-
Al-Cobra, a 100% tobacco product, is a super strong 'Sheesha (hookah) flavor', available in the market. Alcobra is a 100% virgin tobacco processed as shisha / molasses to mix with any shisha flavor you love to smoke. The mixing of Alcobra with your sheesha makes your flavors super strong. Alcobra makes great combination with our own molasses brand " Oscar " brand of Herbal shisha flavors. 

An international range of sheesha (hookah) flavor
Content : 100% Tobacco
Standard packings : - 50 gram packs only
wholesale price  - 12.95 $ per pack (50 gm x 10)
Minimum order - 60 packs
Al-Fakher Hookah Flavors
  Jumbo size mouth tips

The reason behind introducing " AL-COBRA "100% hookah tobacco is the high import duty levied by various Governments on shisha / hookah tobacco flavors even having very small quantity of tobacco percentage. 

As you are aware the countires like UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada have flat import duty on all the shisha tobacco flavors immatter of the tobacco percentage in it. These governments charge import duty on hookah tobacco considering it 1kg of tobacco flat and not as per the tobacco percentage in it. To counter this problem we introduced hookah tobacco flavors that contains 100% tobacco specially for hookah which can be mixed with any of hookah flavors that contain 0% tobacco or 0 to 8% tobacco in the desired quantity to make your own taste. Since ALCOBRA hookah flavors contains 100% tobacco you will not mind paying high import duty. Herbal shisha flavors attracts normal import duty and not as the tobacco shisha flavors and mixing of herbal shisha flavors with 100% hookah tobacco makes it so cheap that you would love to import it legally in these countries without headache.