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Bliss Hookah Shisha Tobacco “ the most true and enjoyable taste ever possible.”

Some of the most expensive wines in the world are aged in the Oak wood barrels.
The Bliss Tobacco flavors also are aged same way in Oak wood barrels for several days before it goes for packng that influence the flavors to mind blowing taste, nothing short of a magic.

“We only use the finest blend of French Virginia tobacco leaves,” the company notes in its literature, “which are gold in color, light in nicotine and free of main leaf stems. We do not mix tobacco blends or crops; we do not use any chemicals.” The organic glycerin that is used for manufacturing of Bliss Tobacco flavors is the purest, extracted and refined from vegetables, never petroleum. “We do not mix glycerin with other chemical materials that may act as glycerin. Although comparatively cheaper in price, our main concern is the overall quality of the product as a whole.” Bliss uses natural chemical free honey, using the purest white sugar but none of the widely used additives that often substitute honey flavor and may leave an after-taste.

Bliss has specialized in developing the shisha tobacco flavors with blending & mixing of the fruit flavors and that has earned a huge success for Bliss shisha tobacco flavors among the growing hookah lovers across the world .

Introducing a new narguile flavor with the taste of spiced tea. Wholesale Price - 0.95 $ / 50 gm pack
      * available in only 50 gram packs
Bliss Shisha Tobacco é amplamente considerado como um dos melhores tabacos cachimbo de água no mercado, e está se aproximando rapidamente a marca mais popular. Com uma grande variedade de deliciosos sabores e fumo suave e sedosa , Bliss é melhor apreciado com carvão estilo natural. Dê Bliss um gosto - tese conveniente bolsas 100g tornar mais fácil para tentar uma série de sabores.

Bliss shisha vem embalado em uma embalagem fechada que Garante que seu tabaco Bliss vai chegar fresco e ficar fresco . Bliss sabores mais populares incluem Twist ' N ' Turn, Spiced Chai, Summer cocktail, Black Today, Cola, Cow boy, Pipeapple Mint, Fire in Ice, Sexy latino, Blue bull, Moon on Earth, Ice dragon e Mint Chocolate.
Introducing a brand new " OSCAR "glass narguile in the market.
* Oscar Sepia glass hookah * Oscar Junior glass hookah
* Oscar Noble glass hookah  * Oscar Legend glass hookah

Bliss The ultimate hookah smoking pleasure. Bliss is a completely new concept of hookah tobacco. Bliss Tobacco Fruit Mix are handcrafted to absolute perfection. Bliss hookah tobacco is infused with the most meticulously picked natural and artificial made flavors bringing the most enjoyable shisha tobacco. Bliss tobacco is a premium blend made from only Golden Virginia tobacco leaves, embodied with food grade vegetable glycerin and top quality honey.

Bliss Tobacco Fruit Mix is a mysterious blend of tropical fruits mixed; almost like a Hawaiian cocktail. The mystery of the flavor is one thing that will keep you coming back for more discovery. All the Hookah Tobacco flavour are our special flavour mixes that guarantee a natural and authentic taste experience, due to the unique, natural fruit concentrates we use. Our special recipe allows you to mix your own fresh shisha tobacco at your leisure. Whether you want to have it bold or mellow, moist or dry, mixed or solely – it’s all up to you. Some believe that dyes and perservatives are harmful, so we don’t use them for our products..

We supply Bliss hookah tobacco and Bliss shisha herbal non tobacco flavors from India and export to all across the world. All the popular hookah flavors available.
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