The elegant looking innovation is 'OSCAR' brand glass shisha that is based on Shapes glass hookah design but with much required modification by incoporating glass on glass concept instead of glass with metal. Glass on glass is the ultimate that cannot be compared with glass with metal that shapes has mistaken. In OSCAR glass hookah all the part from top to bottom is glass and metal has not been used any where that is the beauty. The glass vase which is the centre part of this hookah has been given perfect face ilft by engraved designing on the surface and also has been decorated permanently with many amazing pictures by transfer process using high temperature furnaces. The OSCAR glass hookah is capable of incoporating custom logo designs both permanently by engraving or by transfer process.

The nearly 90 cm high design shisha weighs massive 4.50 kg and is therefore safe on firm ground. The core element is the JAR Bowl, guaranteed by their distinctive and unique inward convex design with high recognition value. The included LED module guarantees a perfect lighting scenario.

The hookah can accommodate up to 2 hoses and you can choose from any of our 2 hose types. Optional items are available and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.
OSCAR GLASS HOOKAH: - Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) = 24 Pieces

The love of beauty in us since childhood, we get used to the fact that what "beautiful" means "good" and "quality." We subconsciously love symmetrical, smooth, clean, prefer rounded rectangular, simple and intuitive - complex. Technical progress changes all that we see around us. Why hookahs appearance has not changed since its inception? Not finding the answer to this question, we decided to bring in fresh shapes and modern materials in traditional hookahs.

                     OSCAR GLASS SHISHA
Oscar Glass Hookah are the premium quality glass hookahs that known for its unique  designs & look.
Made from Stainless Steel and Bohemian Glass vases.

        *  STANDS - 75 CM (750 MM) TALL
        *  WEIGHT - 4.5 Kg

The core element is the JAR Bowl, guaranteed by their distinctive and unique inward convex design a high recognition value.
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Oscar Glass Hookah Description : -


Glass Jar: - Hand blown, small air bubbles inside glass make each jar exclusive - jar is shaped to give maximum smoke to liquid contact area and maximum humidity. Yet the volume of liquid required is not too large because of slim bottom - gaslet sits at an optimal depth of 1-2 cm. Only this shape of jar gives good flavor transition when ingredients are added to jar liquid. - Two hoses can be mounted on one jar: you only have to replace the valve head by a second hose.

Tobacco bowl: - bowl shape is designed for a longer smoke, yet it prevents tobacco from overheating, the bowl needs more charcoal then a conventional one - tobacco does not have to be strained before smoke: syrup will not go down the gaslet and will give out every bit of flavor to your smoke - bowl is made out of porcelain grade ceramics: numerous experiments have proved that in other materials (such as glass and metal) tobacco burns much faster

Air valves: - valve has a screw thread making it completely airtight; the valve can be replaced by a second hose for parallel smoking in pair. - Because of large diameter valves and light weight plastic balls, when balls are placed in both valves smoking in pair becomes comfortable with no need to manually shut the second hose.

Gaslet: - it is designed for better heat exchange; it is firmly attached to the plate to deeply heat to surrounding atmosphere. - Sprinkler at the tip of the gaslet increases smoke to liquid contact area by making smoke bubbles smaller. The sprinkler makes smoke cleaner, colder and more humid

Hose: - it is made of food grade silicone heat resistant, hygienic and has longer life than conventional rubber. - Unlike traditional hoses it can be washed numerously with no risks of rusting or rotting - silicone does not absorb flavors and different tobacco flavors will not mix

GLH 8503 - 60 cm tall
         139.95 $
GLH 849 - 60 cm tall  - 149.95 $
        Supplied with metal stand
            Retail price - 18500/-
  Coconut shell Charcoal
  Jumbo size mouth tips
Oscar - XA- 75 cm tall
         169.95 $
GLH 861 / Oscar -X - 75 cm tall
    GLH 851 - 75 cm
           149.95 $
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